January 12, 2013
UNCW's Cameron School of Business
Cameron Hall
1 pm to 6 pm
TEDxHampstead 2013 was the first TEDx event in eastern North Carolina. It was a amazing event held at UNCW's Cameron School of Business in a small intiment setting with 76 attendees.


The Speakers were: Dr. David Weber
David Weber has worked in the field of organizational development since the late 1970s. At University of Southern California, he earned the M.S. degree in instructional design, and a Ph.D. in organizational communication at University of Denver.

Career assignments and professional projects have enabled David to live and work around the world. During his career, clients have included Xerox, Disney, Frito-Lay, U.S. Marine Corps, General Motors, U S West, Hoechst, Waste Industries, Petro Viet Nam (the national oil company of Viet Nam) and many other large and small firms, in both the private and public sectors. He spent several years as an expatriate executive in organizational development in Iran, Indonesia, and Japan.

Serving as an award-winning teacher and researcher at the university level since the 1996, David is currently a professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, in the Department of Communication Studies, teaching courses there in applied organizational communication, consulting skills and organizational research methods. He has published in the business press and professional and academic media.

AnnaMaria Romero-Lehrer:
Ms. Romero-Lehrer is a life long educator who's career has crossed the country from New Mexico to Colorado to Eastern North Carolina. Her broad experience as a teacher and educational leader with national exposure gives her unique insights to the learning process.

She is currently the Principal at South Topsail Elementary School and the "2011 Wells Fargo Principal of the Year". She will share her passionate and exciting ideas about life-long-learning.

David Pell
David studied guitar with Dave Brumble, a Berklee College of Music graduate and Andrés Segovia student. David studied music theory at Newberry College along with jazz improvisation and arranging with Dr. Bill Fritz while at Pembroke College and went on to tour Europe and the eastern USA with various bands. Even though David didn’t complete his college degree he kept studying guitar and music by listening and asking questions of the working musicians he encountered and in turn applying their knowledge to his own music.

David became a recording engineer / producer and when he moved to Hampstead, NC he started to teach guitar again. He came to the realization that there was a need for beginner students to know that it was okay to create their own music. He started composing and arranging for beginning students and created a simple first step method to help start the creative process for his students. David followed this up by starting the “A Taste Of Guitar” event so his, and other music teachers, students could apply their musical knowledge and talent by performing outside of their circle of family and friends.

Jock Brandis
Born in the Netherlands but raised in Canada, Jock Brandis joined CUSO, the Canadian version of the Peace Corps in his twenties, and was placed in "Trenchtown" otherwise known as West Kingston, Jamaica where he taught in a local elementary school.

He spent the next thirty years in the film industry as a gaffer. On a film project with Dino De Laurentiis he came to Wilmington, NC in 1983 and has lived here ever since.

In 2001, he traveled to the West African country of Mali to fix a small village's water treatment system. While there he came across a woman who informed him that it would be of great service to her village if he could find an affordable peanut sheller for them. Upon returning to the United States he was unable to find a workable solution and adapted an existing design. Jock went through several iterations of a redesign and one year later he completed the machine, which is now called the Universal Nut Sheller. In 2003 Brandis teamed up with a group of returned Peace Corps volunteers from Wilmington, NC to form the Full Belly Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to designing and distributing unique appropriate technologies in rural communities.

Since then he has been recognized by MIT, Popular Mechanics, as a CNN Hero and a Purpose Prize winner amongst other awards. The Full Belly Project is now present in 36 countries on four continents.

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